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Pet Adoption Responsive Website

Passion Project | Role: UI/UX Designer | Timeline: 3 months


In 2020 with the pandemic sweeping the nation, pet-related businesses benefited. From an increase in monthly website visitors to increased vet appointments to increased pet food sales, humans wanted to “hunker down” with a furry friend.

Meanwhile, a friend of mine who had been casually browsing for pets shared his frustration for pet adoption/breeders’ websites feeling “outdated and stuck in the 90’s.” Having an adoration for pets but lacking pet-owning experience, I felt this would be a great portfolio project to explore a growing industry and show my visual design skills.

Empathizing with Users

I started by putting myself into the shoes of a prospective pet owner browsing through Petfinder.com, AdoptaPet.com, and Petango.com—all of which appeared on Google’s first page of search results. Through this Competitive Analysis, I hypothesized a list of potential issues to observe for in later user testing.

Next, I interviewed Millennial prospective pet owners. Users ranged in pet-owning experience, income levels, and physical activity levels. In addition to walking through the websites I mentioned prior, I asked questions to understand their unique views/needs.

User Persona 1 User Persona 2 User Persona 3

Opportunity Statement

Create a simpler UI balancing playfulness and sophistication that resonates with Millennial Americans.

  • Creating a clean UI with clear hierarchy, omission of ads, trend-driven illustrations, and colors that are easy on the eyes for long browsing sessions.
  • Establishing trust with an easily-located Mission page, testimonials/press on the homepage, and using with the right UX copy.
  • Designing a fun, inclusive pet quiz without the need to be logged in.

Iterative Path

User Flow Low and Mid Fidelity Wireframes

Final Solution

View InVision Prototype here.

Tablet and Desktop responsive screens are available upon request.

Brand Guidelines Henlo Mobile Screens Mockup 3 Device Mockup Cat with Tablet Mockup

Looking forward

I have received feedback that although I’m solving for Millennial users, the real users would range in age. Therefore, my next step will be to test this prototype on a broader demographic of users, especially Gen Y and Baby Boomers, to make improvements. Visually, I would change the body text to be set to black as I’ve discovered this is best practice. Also, now that I have HTML, CSS, and Javascript skills, I want to bring small chunks of the website concept to life through animations such as the pet adoption quiz.