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Bridal E-commerce Website Concept

Passion Project | Role: UI Designer/Fashion Designer | Timeline for UI Design: 2 weeks


In 2018, I graduated with a B.S. in Fashion Design from The University of Cincinnati-DAAP and this project incorporates images from my senior capstone lookbook. Shortly after graduating, I established my own business offering custom bridal attire and alterations services. An alternate vision for that business—a prêt-à-porter e-commerce website— is explored here as a portfolio project.

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines Brand Guidelines Brand Guidelines Brand Guidelines Brand Guidelines

Iterative Path

User Flow Low Fidelity Wireframes Mid Fidelity Wireframes

Looking forward

I have received feedback that I can revisit the visual design details to better match the soft, moodyness from the images. Such as removing the hard black line edges from the open hamburger menu. Also, now that I know HTML, CSS, and Javascript, I would like to prototype the e-commerce web design experience, and perform more indepth user testing to fuel improvements to the checkout flow I have designed.